Al 9alat 5ayran men El Cinema..!!

3:48 PM

So the cinemas in Kuwait are going to apply a pausing the movie for 10 minutes rule. Apparently movies that are going to be showing nearing the time of Maghrib will be stopped so peeps can go pray. Hmm I have so much against this and somewhat applaud it at the same time.

We have expatriates, children, women who can't pray because of their period and some who just don't pray, what about those? And speaking of ablution and prayer areas, I just can't help but imagine people shoving each other and butting in for prayer space. 

But then also you have those who are really religious and make sure they don't miss a prayer, which a break would be a good thing. But makes me think, if any person falls under that category, I'm quite sure he or she would avoid going to a movie at a time that intersects with prayer time. Plus, 10 minutes won't cut it, it would take way longer and I wouldn't be surprised if they hired an imam to lead the prayer which would take ages as well. So instead of leaving the movies after two hours or so, you'd spend an extra half an hour just for the waiting in between.  

What do you guys think? 

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  1. im against it , as u said wt about those who cant pray or arent muslims ?! ten minutes is so little for praying xD they should the timings to not interact with the prayer times, thats all

    cutting half of the movie removes its (all-wow) affect of it after all


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