Arrivederci Biella ...

11:16 AM

Now I never had the chance to rant about this but I just had to. I'm so bummed out that they closed down Biella. Not only were there Italian food amazing, they actually did serve some of the affordable ravioli, risotto and lasagna dishes ever. Also their passion fruit shake was just out of this world :L .

To top it off, some of my fondest memories took place there. The first time my sisters and I dined out together alone as independent women was there. The first time I had a proper conversation with Mr.Right was there. The first time I met many fellow bloggers and online friends was there. The cherishable moments are so many to list them all down. 

A pity but that's always the case in Oman, a restaurant closes down in 12-24 months after they open and a friggin' bank branch opens up instead. Meh, it just gets on my nerves :@ .

Arrivederci Biella, I'll miss you whenever lunch time comes around :( .

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  1. i so miss that place, i loved there salads ! alot of memories took there, and their songs were classic and a bit funny xD hope it comes back one day

  2. no waaaaaaaaaaaaaay T_T
    I luv biella... but did they close all the branches???
    i guess i saw the one in City alQurm open last week or the week b4 can't really remember when exactly but what matter is i saw and it was open

  3. ^^
    Yes they closed off all the branches. Strange you saw it open because they shut it down since before Ramadhan. And btw they are opening a Chili's branch in the QCC place instead.


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