Bathing is a MUST...

11:48 AM

An Egyptian woman was forced to go to court to complain about her husband who has been refusing to take a shower for a month. It ruled in the woman's favour and granted a divorce only after a few weeks of their marriage"

I just felt that I had to share this. A man who doesn't bathe loses his wife in Egypt. Kudos to the wife really. Here's the full story 

Would you divorce your spouse for not taking a shower? I know I wouldn't but I'd surely resort to ugly painful ways to change that habit of his. 

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  1. we have a stinky guy working in our company....
    i can't say anything to him but everyone try to avoid him.... i guess she finished all the ways to change him before going to the court... wa3 he's so 5ayes :p hehehehehe

  2. a month :/ damn, lool weird people xD


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