Mijn oor

3:14 PM

Just in case you guys were wondering about the title, well it means My Ear in Dutch. Boy do I miss the language and speaking it :( .  

Anyhow I have been suffering from a constant pain in my left for the past few weeks. At first it was tolerable, kinda like the pain you feel when you shove in a cotton bud too deep  in your ear canal by mistake? Yeah that pain. Gosh reminds me of the days where mom used to clean our ears and the unexpected pain from that ( I seriously got shivers from just the memory). Back to the story, so I chose to ignore and was like mehhh it'll just go away. But thing is it didn't, well more of it hadn't. At the beginning I could have easily ignored the pain and just sleep it off but then the pain became so intense and excruciating that I simply couldn't have my eyes shut. Thus, I decided last week to pay the ENT specialist a visit and it went something like this. 

'So what seems to be the problem Rummy?' 
'I have been having piercing ear pain for the past days and now I can't sleep'
'Are you on any medication? '
'Well prescription drug addicts normally complain about this' 
I just went silent and in shock. 
The doc checked my file and saw I had anemia and ITP and knew I had to take my daily medication anyway. 
'Okay so let's check you ear, shall we?'
I get up and go sit at the examination chair with a huge torch lighting my ear. 

'Does it hurt here? Here? There? Oh it's here?' 
After what seemed like ages of him checking this tiny than the normal size ear of mine.
'Your ear is clear of infections. It's not your ear'
'But doctor it hurts like hell. I'm not faking it..!!' 
'I know, your ear is sympathizing with you' 
'Excuse me? Sympathize? WHAT?' 
'Your jaw joint is weak and your ear is taking up the pain and feels sympathy for the joint so it cries in pain too' 
I seriously just had a blank stare on my face and started having an image of my ear having a pair eyes, nose, and mouth. It was just utter shock and disbelief that struck me. 

'So your jaw joint is the problem. I will prescribe some medication for the pain and try to ...' 
I still couldn't understand and had to let him explain more. 

Apparently the medical term for it is "Referred Pain". It is kinda like the one we get from brain freeze; when we gulp ice-cream too fast. The throat's temperature gets colder and our forehead produces "referred pain" to alert us of the change happening in the throat. 
But it's amazing isn't it? My ear sympathizes with me. I've been telling everyone, every time I lay my hand on my ear from the pain. 

'Rummy are you okay?' 
'Yeah it's nothing just sympathy pain'
And everyone goes around thinking that I have seriously lost it. 

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  1. sympathy pain just cracked me up xD LOL hope u get well soon


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