No Matter What: Chapter Thirteen (2)

8:48 PM

It was a busy day as always, working as a geologist always entailed her being on her feet busy and moving. Sketching and discussing with clients about seismic survey findings and the likes. Fajr always loved a busy life and an eventful schedule. She was so used to it that if an element of her hectic life was missing, she managed to squeeze in something to challenge herself into doing more.  But ever since she knew Taimur and got to know him better, her life took a turn to a more enjoyable one. She never dared to do half of the things she did since she met him. Horse racing, helicopter flights, scuba diving, and skiing, all unveiled the adventurous side of Taimur which made her fall for him harder every time she landed on the land of reality.

‘Once you are done with your meetings, we need to talk’

She received a text messages from Tee, his name in her phonebook. She was a little bit amused on how he typed it. He always started a message with darling and ended it with a virtual kiss but this time, it was different. It was as straightforward as a contractor e-mailing his client.  Taken off guard, she decided to dismiss her hectic schedule and attend to him. ‘He must be going through a rough patch’ she thought to herself as she informed her boss of her early departure for the day.

‘We can meet now’
‘Aren’t you busy?’
‘It’s okay I took care of everything’
‘Okay I’ll pick you up in a few?’

A few minutes later and Taimur was at the door. Opening the door to the car, she saw he wasn’t in his jolly mood. He seemed lost, confused and sad. ‘Honey, what’s wrong? Everything okay?’ she asked concerned as she placed her hand on his forehead. ‘Oh my God, you are burning up. You are scorching hot’ she said as she turned his face opposite hers. ‘What’s wrong? Tell’ she started asking more questions while he just stared at her eyes with sorrow filling them. ‘Let’s get out of here shall we?’ he said in a tired voice as he changed the gear and drove off.   

He parked at the parking lots with the beach facing them. It was empty with only a handful of Europeans walking their dogs in sight. Reaching for the handbrake, he leaned his face on the headrest as he took a deep breath then sighed. The whole drive was silent. He heard all her concerns and questions at the beginning but chose to ignore; he didn’t know what to say. He was gathering up courage and trying to stop himself from breaking down. ‘How can I tell her this?’ he asked his conscious with no answer. He was hurting, he felt his heart breaking and aching. But he knew that as soon as he talked to her, her heart would be even in more pain. Fajr remained quiet and angry after the silent treatment she had received from him. She didn’t know what was wrong. ‘Why isn’t he talking to me? What did I do wrong?’ she kept on thinking and recalling every single memory since the last time she met him. She couldn’t place her hands on why he suddenly is ignoring her and not talking to her. ‘I’ll just walk out, maybe then he’ll talk’ she told herself but wasn’t brave enough to open the door and climb out of the car. She loved him so greatly and didn’t want to regret missing the chance of a second with him.  They remained silent but for his deep breaths and sighs.

The sun was bright and the clouds were nowhere in sight, the blue green sea was withdrawing as the low tide timing neared. The air conditioner never helped in cooling off his body and turning his sweat to vapor. With his hands still on the steering wheel he turned to her for the first time after the long silent drive and wait in the car. She was looking at her hands and fiddling with the threads she managed to pull out from her jumper. He tried to open his mouth and speak but he choked up and couldn't speak. He felt himself torn at what he was about to tell her. After all, she was the one he believed to be his soul mate. Reaching out his hands now to hers, he needed to feel them to calm himself down. He knew that it was the last time he’d ever be able to hold them. Fajr surprised turned to him and looked him in the eye. She now noticed how tired his eyes were, how much of a wreck he must be but couldn’t understand why. ‘Did I do something...’ he hushed her by placing his hand on her mouth. ‘Don’t say a word, let me finish first then talk okay?’ he pleaded her as she nodded her head. Removing his hand, her patted her head and said ‘Let’s go for a walk.   

Walking through the cold sand towards the water, she felt at ease and calm. Peace and serene she was overwhelmed with every time they took a stroll at the beach.  He was nervous and shaking but he knew what he had to do. Sitting on the sand as their feet got immersed in the salty warm water he started talking, ‘I still remember how rude you were before’ he smiled lightening up the mood. ‘You were a stalker, you stalked me everywhere’ she said replying to his statement. ‘Well people say love at first sight exists but I say love at first tear exists’ he looked at her as he smiled wryly. She looked back with a wide grin and responded sarcastically, ‘My tears are magical’. He felt weighed down with emotions that all he did was embrace her tightly. He never wanted to do this to her; to cause her pain. ‘I love you’ she whispered in his ear as he squeezed her closer. ‘I love you too’ those three words were smothering him that he could hardly breathe. He had to break the news to her and tell her everything. ‘Fajr we need to talk’ he said as he let her go. Unsure of what he was about to say, she sat there nodding her head.

‘I still remember the first day I saw you and how amazing you were. How we accidentally bumped into each other right after that. I still remember how I tracked you down and got your phone number from your car plate number, how I kept on annoying you with my calls just to hear your voice and how I kept on following you in hopes you’d smile at me. But it paid off when we started courting after your brother’s permission. I still remember every single detail of our life together’ he said as he took a deep breath not knowing how to continue. Fajr remained silent as she smiled shyly. 

‘I was a lonely stupid rich guy with no purpose in life. But, you changed that and made me see that life had so much in store for me. I had you and you became my life. I changed to a better person because of you. I conquered and pursued my dreams when you opened my eyes to reality. But now …’ he paused as he memorized the contour of her smiling face for the last time. ‘Now… it… changed…’ he stuttered and drew near her placing his hands on her cheeks. ‘My family is going to my future wife’s house to ask for her hand in marriage’. Fajr jumped out from the shock, she was happy and thrilled. She couldn’t believe the fast turn of events. She felt a jolt of high spirits run into her blood. ‘Why didn’t you tell me before? I have loads of things to do. I have to tell my brothers, clean the house, buy frankincense, make finger food. Gosh  I need a to-do list’ she took out her phone to type down what she needed to prepare for one of the most anticipated moment she has been waiting for. Taimur just looked at her with compassion. He wasn’t happy; he wasn’t sharing her emotions, he wasn’t joining in the celebration dance she was performing in front of him. He felt his heart drowning deep; it was too late to be rescued. He was dying a small death when he knew that those cheers would soon turn to sobs. That the love she had for him would turn to hate in a span of a second. ‘You should be happy, our dream is coming true. We’ll be together FOREVER’ she shouted gleefully as she leaned down to him and their noses touched. ‘IT’S NOT YOU ALRIGHT?’ he shouted back in anger at what his family forced him to do. ‘It’s not you Fajr’ he lowered his voice. ‘It’s not you. I’m not marrying you’ he said as he pushed her away breaking down as he buried his face into his hands.

Shocked at what she heard, she collapsed on the golden smooth sand speechless. She felt like crying only she couldn’t. She felt like slaughtering him only she couldn’t. Her whole universe revolved around him and now it came crashing down. She had lost him. He’s not hers anymore. Forever was now how long they won’t be together rather than the time they were going to be. Their love story was written on the sand. It was now being washed off by the looming waves. It was over.

‘We can stay here’ Jawad told Fajr and Hilal. He was friends with someone in the  hospital administration and managed to get an over night stay permission for the three of them. Fajr still continued praying and tearing as she held Noor’s hand. She wished more than anything if she could time travel to warn them both. She loathed being part of what is happening to her only close friend. She wanted to go back and discourage her from touching the DJ’s hand; the beginning of the very end she thought to herself. 'Soul mates never end up together' Fajr though to herself as she recalled the pain she shared with Noor. The pain of a lost love.  

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  1. Jawad shouldv fight more for fajer :/ ! really sad ..
    both best friends share the same agony

    keep it up rummz !

  2. LOL xD yea Taimur, jawad was on my mind :p

  3. Nice dramatization Rummy. That's why Fajer relate to Noor's pain. I hope Tee will man up & fight for her :p

    Keep it up


  4. Mashalla !! u do write well !!
    omg that's so sad that he's not going to marry her, argh :(


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