Phenomenal Woman...

3:26 PM

Amazingly some ignorant egg head started abusing my cbox..!! You can help yourselves in taking a look at your right side of the screen ===>>>

Cracked the shit outta me, I tell ya. By the way dude, I know who you are and what your IP address is. So if you think that you are trying to mess with me in that way, go ahead, and knock yourself out. Because I know I'm a phenomenal woman.

Peeps don't you just love someone who loves you so much that they take the time out of their daily life to keep in touch with you? :r . 

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  1. :/ how low and stupid can some people get, honestly , get a life

  2. I added ya to my blog roll :D hahaha girl how'd ya get the ip adders now thats smart ass :o oh yeah i love ur blog design!

  3. Well Penelope I have my ways :D

    And thank you a bunch for the addition

  4. calm down :) dear
    just kick their asses hehehe :0


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