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In reference to one of my earlier posts I'm Getting Published, I just wanted to share a piece of news related to this. I got another scientific paper published after what seemed like a struggle of two years. It is actually my very first scientific research which I gave my heart and soul in. But you know what they say great things come last. And you know what, the time has come for me to celebrate. So I am planning to excuse myself from work to go to a late lunch, a movie and later grab my peeps out for a drink after work hours :e . 

2010 is the year and October 18th is the date :L . 

By the way, an online link to the Abstract is available here. So knock yourselves out. 

Rummy OUT...!! :p .

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  1. ohhhhh congratulation
    soooo nice really really i'm so happy for u wish u all the best... keep it up gal and don't stop at this point u may get the Nobel price one day who knows :h

  2. congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :D ! more to come inshallah ! keep it up ;p

  3. Thanks lovies <3

    I surely will be working hard and keeping it up..!!


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