Solar City Tower

10:01 AM

I never am a big fan of architecture, but this... 
I seriously just had to share. It's just amazingly magnificent. 

The Solar City Tower is a a vertical structure on the island of Cotonduba that serves as an observation tower and also a welcoming symbol to newcomers in Rio by sea or by air. And apparently all these efforts of building it is because of Rio becoming the host of the 2016 Olympics.  

The thing I love the most is how surreal it looks and that it has sustainable energy written all over it. It duals as a tower and a solar panel which would store energy at daytime and be used to light part of the city at night time. 

It's a work of art. 
Note to self: Need to go to book a ticket to Rio in 2016. 

Pure majesty is what comes out of it :L . 
What do you guys think?!

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