Welcome 2 The World Pinkie....

9:04 PM

So I got a gift which was a laptop I so ever wanted..!! A Sony VAIO :L . 

And it's pink <3. Now I can finally pick up the laptop and pursue my writing at anytime I feel like it and what's amazing is that it's so light and perfectly fits in my over-sized  handbags. Ladies and gentlemen welcome pinkie to the world ... 

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  1. PINK 0.0 omg u killed me >.< i hate pink :p

    but i got the same lappy as urs, mine is sony vaio also but dark blue .. easier to carry when am in college :p

  2. Hahaha well let's just say I'm as girly as I can get sometimes..!!

  3. congrats :D it rocks on u , esp el color !

    rei im sure urs is pink :P


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