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وقعت مشاجرة بين شخصين اثناء خطبة الجمعة داخل مسجد الملك فهد في حائل شمال غرب السعودية اثر بحث احدهما عن مكان للصلاة فرفض الآخر فبدأت المشاجرة الكلامية التي انتهت بلكمات موجهة ليصاب أحدهما بكدمات في وجهه وسط ذهول المصلين
Just heard this piece of news on the radio as I was driving to work. Incredible isn't it?! I seriously have no comment but what on Earth were they on that day? To fight in sacred place and on a scared day performing a scared ritual? We have officially hit a new low. 

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  1. Any stupidity regarding Saudi men doesn't surprise me anymore.

  2. Hahaha I agree but this is just shocking as much as it is surprising.

    Thanks for stopping by Dazzling Mage ;)


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