Salsa De Noche vs. Mario Takes A Walk

10:26 AM

Jesse Cook has been one of the guitarist that I will die for. I just love how soothing his music is and all. It's the type that really makes you shed all the stress you carry off your shoulders, but then you have the Gypsy Kings who are just miracle workers when it comes to guitar playing *sighs*. 

In all honesty though, I prefer Jesse to Gypsy Kings. In the sense that I've grown so tired of listening to Gypsy Kings everywhere I go. Which brings me to my post title. Now what amazes me is that apparently there's a somewhat mix up between a song that is credited to both artists. 

I'm quite sure a lot of those who listen to flamenco guitar has listened to this at least once? 
The song is known to some as Salsa De Noche by Gypsy Kings and to some it is Mario Takes A Walk by Jesse Cook. I knew it as the latter and all the Youtube videos show Jesse playing the song and not the Gypsy Kings, which makes me scratch my head and get confused. Does anyone have an idea behind the mix up?! Because for the life of me, I've been trying to find something about it and I just can't seem to get anything. HELP..!! 

P.S: Don't you just love the sounds of the strings in this piece? Simply electrifying :L .

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  1. SO electirfing , thx for sharing i so love this piece ! gypsy kings fan ;P


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