Shake WHAT?!

3:29 PM

My jaw seriously dropped to the floor when I was told that Kim Kardashian was venturing out to singing. I just heard the news a few days ago and lo and behold, a leak is already out..!! So being the inquisitive Rummy that I am, I gave the song a listen...

What the HELL was THAT?!
I mean seriously?!

P.S: I tried finding a decent picture of the lady but I just couldn't find one. 

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  1. oh god lazim she sings y3ni :( ok she has sexy voice but not as original singer that would sing forever

  2. i commented here before , it didnt go through =c ,
    the song sucks but her vioce is nice , she should quit , we have enough singers :p

  3. AAAAH! STOP THAT! KILL IT KILL IT! <=== My reaction upon hearing that!
    God...Does EVERYBODY sing these days =S?

  4. I knowww right?!

    It seriously kept me off balance, stupid song, stupid lyrics and more than that it's a stupid idea all together..!!


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