Glass: Liquid or Solid?!

11:28 AM

Digging up my old college scientific papers, I came across a paper with the same title of this post. And boy was it a fun paper I did, made a lot of people scratch their heads and think hard. So now readers both active and silent, I'd love you to amuse me and answer this question. 

Is Glass, a liquid or solid object?! 

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  1. knowing where u stand in this, i qoute from wiki (Glass is an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material. Glasses are typically brittle, and often optically transparent.) =P so yup its solid

  2. lool @ ck..

    i woould say, glass can be anything you want =p
    it was liquid then BAAAAM is became solid =p

  3. ^^
    Right back at ya Standy ;)


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