Happy 2011...

9:50 AM

Waking up to the sound of my alarm today while I was still intensely asleep, I got up cursing the life of everyone at home since they all got to have the one week national day holidays while the poor Rummy just had three days. What's even worse was the holiday didn't choose a day but Tuesday to mark its ending. I hate Tuesdays a lot especially that I have to juggle between jobs and end up falling dead to the world the moment I reach home. 

Anyhow, getting up nothing felt different. It was the first day of work after a very long holiday, 5 days actually..!! But something in my system told me that it was just a working day after a normal weekend.  'OMG it's Saturday..!!' my mind then buzzed. I actually thought it was the FIRST of January and squeezed my mind into thinking why on Earth didn't I celebrate the New Year countdown. Well of course I didn't it is the 28th. So silly Rummy went on greeting everyone with a 'Happy New Year. How were the New Year celebrations on your side?!', only for her to sit down on her chair a good hour and a half later and pull herself upfront to the desk to see that her computer screen saver was flashing the 28th of December 2010. Now didn't I feel such a loser *shakes head*

Anyhow, thought of saying this since I already did to everyone I know. 
Happy New Year Peeps..!! May 2011 be more flourishing than 2010 ;) . 

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  1. LOOL xD haha it happens :D ! seems ur so eager for the new year then, so happy new year :D ^^

  2. Well not really eager. 2010 has been the best year of my life and it's so hard to let go.

  3. Loool.. funny... happy new year to you too dear =)

  4. Happy New Year to you Standy ;)


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