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This post is dedicated to cKz and all football fans out there who kept on wondering:
Why is Juventus nicknamed the "Old Lady" ?!
Since Juventus is a team  that I have always rooted for in the Italian Serie , I chose to answer it through a blog post. Here goes e7em *clears throat*: 

So, Juventus in Latin means "Youth" and as we all know that Juventus since the 1930s haven't had a young squad but rather a team of more experienced older players. Hence, a pun was intended when it got called 'Old'.

The 'Lady' part of it was basically what fans have been calling the club since its beginnings, because the team and the Italians passion for football made them refer to the club as the mistress or the other 'Lady' in addition to their girlfriends and wives.

Hope it's clear now ;) 

P.S: 'In Rafa we trust' is my new slogan for the team :L .

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  1. aha xD its like milan and inter are the young ladies then :p thx :D !

    im glad there doing better this year , a better leauge


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