Road Rush...

5:19 PM

So I heard about this event and I know flocks and flocks of girls who already booked their tickets well in advance for this event. It is basically an event only dedicated to women drivers and audiences. You'd get to drive you car at full throttle and feel the adrenaline rush as you step on the gas. Gosh I feel envious from now.

The event is on the 14th and 15th of January 2011, a racing competition that will be made in Bahrain’s Formula One track. What's more to that is that there are two types of races: circuit racing and drag racing. And by the way, if you are unable to bring your car, you can easily rent one from there (price is said to be around 600 rials I think).

So for any of you gals who have nothing to do or any of the lads who'd want to take their female friends and relatives to something out of the ordinary, book a ticket and join the fun. 

I'd only hope if I could join but work has me on a tight knot which I am unable to free myself from :( . So any of you peeps planning to go?!

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  1. i wouldv been my car and win this but its for girls :p

    haha xD great event, wish we had it here for everyone

  2. wow this is sooooo coool.. wish if i had that amount to play with!!

  3. Haha well it's a one time thing, and you can drive your car to Ba7rain ;)


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