Snorting in Public

9:06 AM

Do you usually do that? Do you snort in front of people? If yes, is it in front of any random person in any place you are in or is it in a secluded place with only a few close people around you? And yes okay you might be sick as well but don't you feel it to be embarrassing to do so?

I'm asking these questions because I am up to here *points to her chin* sick and frustrated with my boss. He'd snort like nobody's business in front of everyone with a minimum of 10 snorts per hour. It is getting on my nerves that I, sometimes, have these Ally McBeal fantasy attacks of grabbing a hammer, a chair, the phone handset or anything and bash it over his nose to permanently break it off. Or even yet, the current one is to grab a pencil or pen and shove it up his nostrils. Good God he just can't stop it. And what's even worse, he'd snort in front of ministerial officials when we have a presentation or meeting and you'd seriously see their disgust on their faces.

So what do you suggest I do? Talking to him doesn't work, he is one stubborn headed Keralite that does NOT consider what he is doing as something abnormal.

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  1. Obviously he wouldn't do dat unless he thinks it's ok. Well I would suggest you talk to his superior, preferably HR officer would explains and let him know it's disgusting habit let alone makes him looks unprofessional. Recalling I had an incident a couples of years ago, a new joinee to our company, he use to come to the office smelling as f he didn't take a shower. Da entire space where we were seating would stink and embarrassing to any clients walked n. So I just talked to da HR and told how dat would damage our image to da clients, let alone no one is comfortable working with him. Try this approach and c if it's works or not


  2. Thank you choloboy..!!

    I would most certainly use that approach and see if it works..!!

  3. omg :S
    yup talk to his superior thats too disgusting first of all and unprofessional


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