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10:29 PM

The Asian Beach Games are just around the corner, tomorrow to be exact, and boy am I excited *jumps like a retard*

The excitement is because first of all Oman is hosting the event and second of all, I will be covering the event as a specialized journalist for the radio. My major sporting event that I'd be covering, so it's a BIG thing for me. Hope you all hit the beaches across the capital since the event covers 14 sports and will be hosted on across our beaches. So stay tuned and enjoy the crowded beaches. 

What about you? Are you excited about this? 

P.S: The mascots are three Omani animals that represent the land, the water and the skies of Oman, which have weird names I ca;t recall for the moment.

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  1. yea i am :D ! its a big event and its in oman, great news knowing ur reporting it ;P good luck ul do great :D

    funny mascots :p

  2. Waay to go Oman!

    I'm so proud even thou I'm not Omani. I'm flying to Muscat after 2 weeks hope I get the chance to catch one of the games

    P.S: good luck covering the games, make me proud ;)

  3. Thanks cK <3

    Vainglorious: well the event is day event which started yesterday on the 8th. Sadly I don't think you'd be able to catch in two weeks time, but hey we can always meet up ;)

  4. ohhhhhhh niccccccccce good luck dear....


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