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10:12 AM

So as we headed to Dubai Mall for a proper breakfast in the morning with family and friends after a very long night of having the times of our lives, we left the car with the valet since it's the in thing to do (unlike us over here -.-). Anyhow after the pleasant breakfast at Armani Caffe, which was exquisite by the way, we decided it was time to go unwind at the beach since the weather was lovely. Giving out our parking ticket to the valet, we were given a gift which was absolutely unexpected; a waterbar gift set. 

It was a set of five bottles of water that were exquisite in how they looked like but I have no idea how they tasted since we gave it to our aunt who asked if she could keep it. I didn't get the chance to take pics of the bottles but there are pictures of them in their website

I wasn't that much surprised of its existence though my sisters were in an awe. 3maniyeen ma shayfeen ashya2 bel methl hahaha. But what cracked me up is their description of each bottle, they all have an age to them and it cracked me up because water has been on Earth ever since it was created, it's not like we make water and say its vintage. it IS vintage in its own right. The website as well has a home delivery section, so what do you think?! Would you buy or rather try it out?!   

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  1. it's just a water right??? :brow :f

  2. For real?! They have age?! lol wtf?

  3. Yup peeps just water which has age on it :p


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