Coffee anyone?!

11:44 AM

One thing I find myself in desperate need is a coffee machine. The coffee at work literally sucks and  I  seriously can never get myself to prepare a cup of coffee or tea in the morning since I always end up being in a rush and unable to drink a hot cup of anything. I think I might gift myself just that as my first 2011 gift.

So what about you guys? Do you find a coffee machine a neccesity or are you fine with your instant Nescafe mix in a cup of hot water?!

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  1. Looks Amazing!!

    I want cappuccino (A) Happi New year Honey:D

  2. I don't ask for much.. I just want Caffeine.

    For those of you who aren't addicted, don't be. Your better off without a new necessity to your life.

    For those who are, unfortunately your body isn't "awake" enough unless it absorbed enough caffeine, else you'll feel dizzy.

  3. @ Pauline: Happy New Year to you too hun <3

    @ Kuwaitful: I sadly happen to be amongst the latter group so coffee is very much important for my body to function in the wee hours of the morning.

  4. a tea machine is like a dream come true =p

  5. Love coffee but I wont get this machine cuz I know I'll be addicted :)

  6. @cK: Well they do exist as well =p

    @bananaq8: Hahaha I thought the same thing until I actually gave in to the fact that I was addicted to begin with.


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