Damn You Auto-Correct...

11:24 AM

I just stumbled upon this site and boy did I crack up till I teared my eyes at work and in front of my boss. For a minute my boss stood there staring thinking I was having a nervous breakdown. I stopped for a while just to avoid embarrassment and thinking 'Jeeez get a grip, will ya?'. But the moment I went back to read some more pages later on, I resumed my giggling laughing self as a few hours ago. My boss comes right at me this time and says: 'Are you okay?! Anything wrong?'

Flushed from being caught and struggling my best to get a firm look on my face, I just couldn't help but laugh and point to my desktop screen saying: 'You know what? I'll just forward it to you'

Enjoy having your tummies hurt :r .
Click Me ..!!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! SAME HERE.. i was reading this yesterday and i sent it to some of my friends and i honesly coudlnt stop laughing looool....

    fun to read i swear =D

  2. jeeeez, that's hilarious, yeah im sorta facing the same problem with my auto correct thingy

  3. Hahaha :e that's funny shizzle! It happens to me

  4. Hahaha I know right?! I can't seem to curb my laughter yet :p .

  5. Looool I love that site! Ambrosial posted about it some time ago and ever since it became my entertainment ;p

  6. since u shared this with me and i cant stop laughing :p

  7. hehehehehehehehe hohohohohohohohoho hahahahahahahahahahahah kekekekekekekekeke looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  8. LOL!!! Funny site. I like the baby Jesus one lol

  9. Haha thanks for stopping by peeps ;)


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