Feel The Virginity...

9:04 AM

In an instance of a few seconds I had almost all my BB contacts forwarding me this image. It got me startled for a second and then got me to boiling point. I mean yes I know that the promiscuity levels have increased and the chances of actually being in a relationship nowadays is at an all-time high. But fixing up your hymen just for a dude's sake? WTH? What if the girl was actually born without it to begin with? Or she happen to have broken it due to circumstances that do not whatsoever involve anything sexual? Or what if she had a type that only could be broken through child birth? Or what if .... I could go on and on with the what ifs :fire . 

Why on Earth do we like to pay attention on petty stuff? :@ I mean seriously I can never understand this. I can't imagine being in such a situation that all the respect and love the man you are supposed to share your life with is based on this issue. If you love the person then you should choose to be with him or her the way they are, no? So what if her hymen wasn't intact? So what? Would it mean the end of the world?! Heck, the hymen isn't in any way a measure of being chaste and whoever said that must have been high on something I tell ya *shakes head*. 

Girls, if you were put in such a situation would you opt for this solution, that is for any reason you don't have a hymen for? Guys, is the hymen a really big deal?! Like seriously?

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  1. Surgeries and now this ? Bleh, insecure society

  2. That's insane! Are you telling me... That what ever is in that box restores virginity?! I mean losing it in general is one thing but if some nut job girls have access to this they'll abuse it >.> Crazy! CRAAAZZZY!

  3. I've thought about this before too, and totally understand your argument. There's just too much emphasis on intact of the hymen being "virginity" itself when it's not- just like you said, it's not the measure of a girl's chaste.

  4. its just an obssesstion made for Arab men to feel that they are the ones who owns the lady or something.. i dont think its important, but ARAB men need to feel that they are the FIRST!!

    even if it was broken out of natural causes like sports or whatever, you will be in the line of shak!! its just how they were raised to be!!!

  5. @ ck: Scary I tell ya. Very spooky.

    @Redirection: It is actually available in many pharmacies across some GCC countries, so expect many to abuse it right away.

    @ Dazzling Mage: Exactly..!! People sometimes act as if there's no hope if the hymen isn't in place.

  6. @ Standy: What's funny though is that not all Arab men are virgins either so itha kan salfat el shak the girl should be more suspicious than the dude.

  7. Men here are X ! I totally got you, I mean o b3dain ;/ shnsawe men y7aboon to own things so that they like to own a lady that they should be first ,o b3dain? bs al7een i heard ena feeh selling product to tight el vagina, hmm shsalfa:p

  8. umbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaih:o shloooooooooon!! ma fahaamt! but i know whatever it is its baaaaaaaad o mu zaaaaaaaain and they shouldn't make it!!:@


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