Gap Year?!

9:24 AM

So after one hectic week, I felt so tired that my mind drove me into thinking that I needed to apply for early retirement if life meant that all I would have to do is get up every working day early just to work work and work even a little bit more. I continued this frenzy to the extent that I blurted out my thoughts to my family and they just laughed it off while rolling their tired bloodshot eyes. Of course the old peeps were like: ' Hun, you haven't even reached there yet' and the young peeps responded with the typical ' I wish I could work and get over school and college already, it's so fun having your own money to spend'

It got me thinking, would this ever happen if I had a career change? Am I just plain bored out of my mind with my current main job? Do I need to find another place to feel better? But then my mind wandered into an even deeper zone when I contemplated that maybe if I took a gap year such a thing wouldn't have happened? I would be much more fresh and enjoying what's around me rather than whine a lot, no? And suddenly out of nowhere I convinced myself that a gap year was somewhat crucial in order for me to do what I wanted to do rather than jump into everything the way I did. Boy, do I regret not taking a gap year now :( .  I know a lot of my European and American friends who did so and had a blast in that year. From travelling to getting dive masters to teaching in poor countries and so on. It was an experience on its own and as they put it 'without it we wouldn't have known the amount of change one person can have on a community'. And that is something which I'd write a whole other entry for. 

Anyhoo back to the subject, what's your stance? Do you think if you took a gap year, you would have enjoyed and re-discovered yourself and what you wanted to do with your life? Or does it just sound absurd for someone to even take a year off for a journey of self enlightenment, enjoyment and relaxation?!  

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  1. I WISH I could travel. It's hard for a girl in an Arab society to take a GAP year. Right now I'm waiting for a job, and I'm dodging the "where did you apply" and all sorts of annoying family questions. They just don't understand that there is more to life than having a job you're content with. Still, not being employed does have it's moments to enlightenment, like how naive you are, etc. It sort of humbles you with all the high educations you've gained.

  2. Well as you read- I've decided with my parents that a gap year is something i really should do.

    There is no rush in sending me off to college when I've already skipped a few years of school- So age isn't a barrier.

    Also, I really have no clue what I want to major in. So i'm hoping a year off formal schooling will help me decide.

    And hey, you can always quit and find a job elsewhere? lol


  3. its not absurd, for me, if i have the right company for this i think it would totally be worth it!!!

  4. You don't need a vacation. You just need more alone time. Those days where you came home early after work and sat home all day, watched a movie and had popcorn. You know, the small things that make a big difference. You need those days back, they balance your stress.

    The gap (not 'gay and proud') vacations westerns do can be very different, as their counties offer numerous things to do your country doesn't, or won't. I know travelling is an option, but I'd rather leave that for summer holiday.

    All in good times, hold your horses. Work hard, and reward yourself.

  5. nothing is better than study adn get a better degree than wt u have, u can anjoy while studying too , i dont see u did anything wrong, but its all up to ur opinion

  6. @ Dazzling Mage: Yeah it is pretty much hard for a girl especially form the Gulf region to convince her parents that she would want a gap year to go back-packing in South East Asia or something. And I agree with the humbling down process that happens.

    @RawnaqG: It is good that your parents are agreeing to the idea and see it crucial to your entire growth as an independant individual. Enjoy and get to learn loads of stuff which when in uni you wouldn't be able to ;)

    @ Standy: 5ala9 let's be partners and head together on a trip =p

    @ Kuwaitiful: It's just with work and growing up responsibilities come climbing over your head and somehow removing yourself completely from that place does take the pressure off for a while. But I'd surely make sure to reward myself.

    @cK: Studying all the time and then working and getting all the degrees you could get still doesn't change the fact that you need time to relax and enjoy your time.

  7. I recently decided to take this year as my "gap" year! I've spent 5 years in college, working my tushie off, and not enjoying anything! I've put so many things off. So I sat my parents down...actually told them what's on my mind while wondering the hallway lol ;p That I deserve a year off to relax and enjoy! They didn't seem happy about it, and wanted me to work.. But, I really wanna find myself, have fun before I get tied up with commitments :) Its not absurd at all! Westerners usually take a year off after high school... I guess for us its better done after University ;)

    Good luck with any decision u make :)

  8. Rummy Your on!! just tell me when and whee and how much cash to get =p

  9. @ Ambrosial: It's good that you saw that you needed a break. Good luck with you gap year and enjoy it to the max..!!

    @ Standy; We should meet up first and discuss ;)

  10. I always get the idea of gap year whenever i feel tired from life... but after 1 week holiday i change my mind coz i feel boring ...
    but recently i've been thinking abt it seriously, i'm still planning what to do in this gap year and how i will return then to the work field? will i get a good job in this country where it seems everyone is looking for a job? but though i did the two first steps... I'm preparing the resignation letter and i applied for a higher education...

  11. AmasE: I only took a month off during my three years of work and that was because of the World Cup this year. And it felt so good that I didn't feel bored at all.

    Congrats on the applying of higher education. So what are you planning to take and where?!


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