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When I thought stupidity reached its peak I get hammered down that I am surely wrong. The picture above as we all know it is of lipstick. Some of you might say, oh so what it's lipstick, what's the big deal? Then let me spill the beans and tell you why it's such an uproar lately. 

The lipstick line above is of a new cosmetic line that is targeted for those between the ages of 8-12 years old. Yes you read that right, it is a special makeup line for kids. What got me even more shocked was when I read that this new line called 'Geogirl' introduced by Walmart includes 69 cosmetic products that should be a necessity for girls everywhere. It includes everything from lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, mascaras, exfoliators and goes even more extreme to include anti-ageing ingredients in the brand. If I were to say that my jaw dropped to the floor, I wouldn't be giving this piece of news justice whatsoever on how my reaction was. Seriously, anti-ageing products for 8 year olds? I am 23 and find myself not needing such stuff and you tell me an 8 year old's basic necessity in the cosmetic world are what defy the wrinkling factor? 

  ان الله لم يضع داء إلا وضع له دواء ، إلا داء واحدا ، قالوا : يا رسول   الله ما هو ؟ قال : الهرم 

Ya Nas Wein 3aysheen?! :@ .

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  1. SAY WAAAAAAA?! I knew this world wasn't perfect enough just yet! Now it's perfect we get little girls looking like their favorite hollywood stars! how awesome :r

    I bet it's made for kids who go on TV, movies and that stuff >.> But seriously i'm bothered... Guys only get toys and gadgets :(

  2. @Redirection: It is very disturbing indeed and it's crazy. And no it's not only for those who go on TV, if that was the case then why would Walmart sell it for the general public?

  3. its all aimed for business and profit , coz they know how much girls are * wanabe's* with celebs when they are young and they are taking advantage of that

  4. Good point, so therefore it's a conspiracy for world destruction :|

  5. Yup Amase it is true. Just read this ;)

  6. I can only think of one person that will be flattered beauty products are being made for baby girls.


  7. @Pauline: Yup they are..!!

    @Kuwaitiful: Indeed that was something I felt disgusted by. Horrible..!!

    @Bint ilKuwait: =D


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