Grand Theft Mobile

9:26 AM

You read the title right my dears. My blackberry got stolen yesterday just shortly after a lovely lunch and now I am actually boiling at the fact that someone stupid would just pick up something that is not his to begin with and just throw away the SIM card so they could use it. It is said that Karma is a female dog and I do pray to God for no good to come out of a stealer. Anyhoo, the thing that got my head into scratching vigorously was the following: 

I figure out that my phone isn't where it's supposed to be, search for it and turn my desk and everything around me upside down to not find it. I give it a ring through someone else's phone and it RINGS and I still keep hoping that it's just misplaced somewhere. It gets cut after a few short rings. I then call again to find it switched off. Now Rummy turns red and pissed at the fact that the phone is actually stolen. Luckily the IMEI number, which is the serial number is saved in my files. So I head down to the police station reporting it and since I have my IMEI number then it's supposed to be a piece of cake no? Well, guess what? I was completely wrong at my assumptions. 

The police after hearing out the incident say 'hatha ma she'3elna, hatha i5ti9a9 el idi3a2 el 3am'. You should have seen the look on my face when I heard that, it was a very very amusing expression to say the least :p . Apparently that's where the IMEI is of use and they can figure out who stole it and its location. Of course it was late to go to el idi3a2 yesterday so I had to wait till today morning. All fresh and cheerfully, I head towards the Seeb branch (I don't understand why I had to go there given that the phone got stolen in another wilayah). Heading over to the place, I got the response 'hatha ma sare8a, hatha ihmal'. If it was ihmal to begin with why would I come knocking on your door? WTF?! I mean seriously? So again I explained the story to them, well to another dude and they told me the thing I feared 'hatha ma she'3elna hatha i5ti9a9 el shur6a'

So now again I am heading back to the police station to file a friggin' report and I hope it's not going to be the whole 'hatha ma she'3elna' yet again.

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  1. CK told me yesterday! I hope you manage to get it back! But finding a stolen phone is tricky business

  2. I remember a few years ago the cops called my brother and asked him to come. He thought it was a well layed out prank. But once he got there, it turned out he bought a stolen device from a girl.

    She just gave the cops the IMEI, the moment my brother switched the phone on, they instantly knew what the mobile number on that device was and called him.

  3. @Redirection: It took so long to actually make them believe that it was stolen. AQnd yes tricky business indeed.

    @Kuwaitiful: Well IMEI is really a life saver 9ara7a that's why I pursued filing a report in the first place but the whole thing is how to actually get someone take you seriously in the law enforcement department. It's nerve wrecking..!!

  4. i hope we get it >.>, just let them open the phone :@

  5. oh so sorry for that hope u'll get it back soon.... hehehehehehe get hilarious when i read 'hatha ma she'3elna' loooool i think this porblem facing a lot of ppl nowadays, there is no coordination between the police and the public prosecution unfortunately

  6. Umbaaaaaaaaaaih! umbaaaaaaaaaih!!! wallah i know ur feeeeling!!!!!!:( lana tawni thaya3t my iPhone!! o i didn't find it so i guess it was stolen too!!:eo ukhoy mu rathi ero7 7ag ilsher6a cuz like u said they wont do a thing!! :( sawolich laja mu 6abe3ya!:S

    Inshallah tilgaina sweetii!:k

  7. =s
    Oman sucks in situations like this!!!

  8. Well went through their stupid procedures and going in and out of the police station and finally all the red tape is done. Now I'm just waiting for a call to be told that they found it.


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