The Green March?

10:25 AM

About 2,000 Omanis have staged a rare protest demanding higher wages and salaries and a curb to rising prices and the high cost of living.

The demonstration Monday, a rarity in the sleepy sultanate, was called for by the civil society groups and publicized on websites.

Protesters gathered in the district housing most government ministries under close watch by police. The demonstration ended peacefully.

One demonstrator said the march was a request to Sultan Qaboos to personally intervene against the greed of the merchants and raise government employees salaries including those in the police and the army. He refused to give his name fearing of government reprisal.

Banners held by the demonstrators read "no to high prices" and "no to the merchant greed."

This has been called the Green March here in Oman. I still fail to understand why it is called so, peaceful doesn't mean it's green. And they certainly did not use any recycled paper and what not. It could have been called the White March rather than Green. Now they see peeps in Tunisia doing so and they decided to show the world that we can do the same? Heck even the march had to go through red tape until they got a written approval to go ahead with it. What's the point if even when doing a March you get restricted to a small area and when it was time when all the ministerial buildings were vacant?! And why on Earth would this guy interviewed by Al Jazeera refuse to give out his name if he already decided to take part in it, I mean you got an approval no?! I don't know but I wouldn't take part in one. 

What about you? Would you take part in a march and demonstrate or rather find another outlet to make it reach the superiors?! Do you think this Green March would be paid attention and taken into account? 

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  1. I think this is silly.
    We've had some protests here in Amman since the Tunis incident.
    I can understand Jordanians protesting, because life out here is really hard.

    But Omanis? Who are you kidding? I feel like they don't know how to appreciate what they've got

  2. Green, white, black, purple.... colour does nt matter, importent thing is the purpose. Weather it's peacful or destrucful, they wanted to convey a message that the people are fedup.

    It is not the question would I be part of this or not, but does this have any effect on desicion-macking and if we do this will it give a satisfatory outcome? In Arab World, not always it turns out good outcome from this.

  3. @Rawnaq: Exactly they should count their blessings before whining about everything. We need efficient people in ministries to start off. And the government isn't even responsible of their loans since they decided to take it on their own responsibilities from banks.

    @choloboy: Fed up from what is the question? I can understand if it were young unemployed chaps or those who are under social security and the pay isn't enough to cover basic costs. But this comes from people who actually WORK and can easily better themselves by furthering themselves with studies and training rather than reading newspapers and drinking coffee and delaying their work for some other time. This situation wouldn't be there in the first place, if the majority of us worked to par and were smart enough to read the numbers in between the lines.

  4. and i hear they were 10 000, rumours xD

    knowing our system, i dont think there gona be any effect lol

  5. I think it wasn't quite needless... It was just a reaction to the recent world events nothing more, the problem isn't even with the salaries only! Oman does NOT open the market up for more competition it's a monopoly. But for those who went there for the sake of causing issues then it's all fun and games xD

  6. I don't see what's wrong with that, putting in mind that it's REALLY difficult for government employees people to keep up with the ever increasing rentals and life expenses.
    I thought it was silly at first but let's face the truth and just try n look outside the circle we put ourselves in.

  7. Here is something that has been over looked by most of the people bloggin here.

    8.2 million sq meter is developed around the palace area. Training Camp for Royal Guard and barracks. Below are the staff details.

    Omani Staff with Al Turki:
    Salary OMR 150 - Working Hours 7:30am to 11:00am
    (Only 3 hours a day)

    Expat Staff with Al Turki:
    Salary OMR 80 to 90 - Working Hours 6:00am to 1:00am
    (OMR 15/month deducted for food. Accommodation is provided free of cost)

    Now please tell me WHO is paid more?

  8. I exactly was pointing to such issues. I mean the people who took part in the march are people who not necessarily work their heart out. They just most of the time end up chit chatting, sipping coffee while everything ends up passing deadlines and then they go demand more money and cry foul play? That's the core reason I can't even understand why the March went on to begin with.

  9. Probably it's just the first step. Taking part in it is perhaps not as important as the reaction of the authorities. I'm glad it wasn't turned down and the police merely stood by and watched. It could have ended a massacre elsewhere. My point is, the guys who organized it may have thought of it as a means of attracting slight attention rather than active protest.


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