The 'Meat' Complex

10:39 AM

Wouldn't you wish to have a scale that tells you that when we live in a world where everyone is super paranoid about weight, cellulite and fat?! 

I've been on an ongoing battle with my family on the same issue, many including my own mother would keep on complaining that I am overweight, fat, a couch potato when I feel and know that I am actually as healthy as ever. I have climbed the alps, ran a half marathon, swim and dive whenever I get the chance, and have been able to juggle between the current jobs I have, so how on Earth could you be unhealthy when your body is energetic and active as ever? Beats me, but all I know is that I am happy with the way I am so long as my heart is pumping me pints of happy blissful blood. 

So all peeps out there, you are all beautiful and amazing the way you are, don't let anyone put you down and tell you you aren't. Change only if you want to and not change for people. And surround yourself with people who really appreciate your soul and not appearance..!! :L .

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  1. what if in my case, i do sports but i am 20kgs REALLY OVER WIEGHT and my clothes doesnt fit anymore?

  2. Girls always have this mythical obsession of being fat , i really dunno why, im not generalizing but thats wt they feel even if they are thin like a stick

    If your happy with how u are , fat or thin dont change :D

  3. @ Standy: It's all about if YOU are happy with they way you are and not what people think of you. If you find yourself unhappy with the way you are then explore all the ways you can change that image to a better image that you are happy with.

    @cK: Well part of this obsession goes back to men and the constant criticism women get from the opposite sex.

  4. "in a world where everyone is super paranoid about weight"

    Ehem.. let me rephrase that

    "in a world where woman are super paranoid about weight"

    Makes more sense to me, I wouldn't care less about my weight, I like eating the food I enjoy eating rather than what my body wants me to eat.

    Luckily my system burns quickly, so as long as it's functioning that way, I'm gonna num num num my way through Big Mac's.

  5. @ Kuwaitiful: Ehem in a world where metro-sexuals are on the increase trust me more and more men are conscious about their weight as well =p

    That's the spirit if you are happy, you shouldn't care about what the peeps tell you ;) .

  6. Here's the thing- I stay away from scales, and as long as I look good in clothes, I'm happy. And yes, as long as you eat healthy, and take care of your body, you're in the good.

  7. Well if want to talk about gays and homosexuals than that's an entire different issue.

    Generally speaking, those who are still significantly STRAIGHT men, don't care about how much they weigh.

  8. @ Dazzling Mage: Staying away from the scale is sometimes an ordeal to women. Some are just overly obsessed to weigh everyone up.

    @Kuwaitiful: Roger that sir..!! Straight men don't care about their weight until they hit mid-life crisis when they start working out and getting buffed up right?

  9. Very few care about getting buffed actually. Those that can't get enough girl attention while at the same time might be insecure physically.

    As for myself, nothing will stop me from my lifetime supply of cookies.

  10. It's a messed up world! Impossible to satisfy. So as long as your healthy just satisfy yourself and to hell with what the world thinks

  11. I've never paid attention to my eating habits until very recently. I'm not paranoid or aiming to change because of someone, I'm only doing it for myself. By controlling what I eat, I feel much more healthier and wouldn't live with the guilt that if I've paid more attention to the junk I used to eat, I'd have a healthier lifestyle; inside and out.

    It's not a matter of being over-weight or not, but the matter of choosing a suitable diet to fit your everyday life.


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