Missing a Rule of Thumb?!

10:55 AM

It was depressingly cold, the sky was not blue anymore, it was darker than she ever was accustomed to. the grey clouds carried bad news as she watched out the window. It started drizzling as she saw how everyone's umbrellas simultaneously opened above the heads of those who passed by. She lived right next to a bus stop and the water spraying the soon to be passengers as bus number 32 stopped made her wish she could join them to a ride to somewhere other than where she was. She wanted to leave the warm room with the cozy oriental atmosphere to catch a movie in the cinema in the next city only she couldn't. She had work to do, research papers to finish and assignments to submit. Sipping her cup of camomile tea, she leaves the window and sits on her chair to pull one of those so famous all nighters she has been doing for the past years. She had no other alternative but to enjoy, learn and finish what she was supposed to on time for the 8 am deadline. 

A glimpse of my life as a student 
I was discussing this with my sisters and mom at the weekend. On how research papers were all you'd think about during university. Assignments were your life and you'd surely sip a nice warm beverage or cold energy drink just to get you going and give you the stamina you need to get by. Then one of my sisters, who is still uni, mentioned something that made my jaw drop. Peeps over here in some private colleges actually buy off their papers and actually PASS. Apparently there is no such thing as a plagiarism rule in those places and they don't even get the papers online but rather from computer maintenance stores and bookshops. I was shocked to know that such a policy didn't exist in a higher education institute but then thought ah well it might just be rumors and that my sister might be passing it on. 

But to my surprise, as I was reading the newspaper today, one of my favorite columnists Assim Al Sheedi discussed the issue in his column today. And it turns out that it's not only papers that are being bought but actually exams and quizzes as well. And the price for each paper? 'Thirty' Rials, jeeezz that cheap..?! What on Earth has happened to our youth? I just can't imagine one who struggles so hard throughout his years and the other just gets by with an A because he paid some pennies to get the right answers. Cheating is one thing which might be overlooked from time to time but this?! We've reached a whole new low with this. And people wonder why our youth aren't tough or responsible enough to take over. As it was said once:
Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.

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  1. I have this urge of slapping our youth! Most of them are irresponsible and lazy, a combination that makes me wanna terminate them! It feels like parents are tired of teaching their kids values and morals!

    It's sad, professors should take the time to look into their papers, they can obviously tell if the work is done by someone else.

  2. Well.. you would be surprise how many students get away with this. I remember when I was in college it was tough to cop/past a paper, @ least in my department, or submitting assignment not your own. Recalling, My mom's work colleague did her MBA in one of colleges here in Oman. She was asked to submit assignments to full fill the MBA requirement...all what she did she borrowed the same assignments from one of her colleague who have done his MBA in the same college and she copy/past and next thing we heard she got here MBA.

    It seems to be nobody bothered these days about paper or assignment authenticity any more. It all about business not education.

  3. thats just ridiculous, most colleges have plagiarism rules but for the others, its just not fair paying a small amount to make u pass through out the years

  4. Projects, Presentations, Assignments, Quizes, Tests even Final exams! They buy everything! They don't want to learn anything, this spoon fed generation is good for nothing. All we have now are shallow idiots. Large masses of shallow idiots. Even at work, they plagiarize others work and don't you dare share an idea with anyone, even officials at work, coz they steal it!

  5. Exams are a lot more expensive here, though that doesn't matter. As they'd buy it in any given price.

    Just last semester our prof explained how he found out that students sell full projects for his class and almost dropped into tears. It was so devastating watching him collapse like that. I worked exceptionally hard to make a good group project. Knowing some put 2% the effort I did makes me temporarily rage. Then I remember how screwed their be on the first week of work.


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