The Mother of All Cars : The Koenigsegg Agera R

11:53 AM

This car is a beast and must fall into its own genre of super exotic cars. Seems like nobody knows anything about the car specs but that it is 1100 hp and that it has come with a paddle shift. The reason being, it is simply the very first  of its kind and very much powerful than the Standard Agera. 

More news about this beast is the following; it is actually custom-made and owned by His Majesty the Sultan of Oman himself, don't I just feel proud to be a car freak. Who knows I might see it on the road one day *prays hard*. Now doesn't this give you an eye-gasm so to speak?

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  1. O M G
    how did u get these pictures???

  2. What a beauty! I would love to take it on a ride or maybe carjack it for a day? What sentence would I get for such an act in Oman? You think the sentence would be decreased if I fill it with gas when I return it? ;p

  3. The mother of cars sounded kinda feminine, I was expecting a huge pimped family. But hey, that's way better.

  4. sigh my dream car, i always wanted this , its the first in the world and its here in oman :L

    specs :
    4.7 twin turbo v8
    0-100 = 2.8 secs
    top speed = 410+ km/hr

    bubye bugatti :D

  5. @AmasE°♥: Maybe I was there :p

    @Pauline: The car as whole is a sexy one ;) .

    @Vainglorious: Hmmm I wouldn't know but I'm sure they'd be lenient if you turtle wax it and all :r .

  6. @Kuwaitiful: A car is always a girl. I mean you guys pimp it out and call it your baby and all :p

    @cK: Hun that's the Standard Agera with the 910 hp specs, not the Agera R. Well as far as I know unless the specs are out and last time I checked it wasn't. And yes bubye Veyron, your time is up..!!

  7. nope sweets, its the R , some specs are out ;p

    cant wait to drive this car !


  9. Hmmm kinda true, I do consider my car my gf, since I'm not allowed to have one. But unlike real gf's.. she's a beauty.


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