No Matter What: Chapter Sixteen (Prologue)

11:01 AM

‘Such a disappointment and disgrace’

‘Such people should never have children if they don’t’ know how to raise them’

‘Impure blood? Such mixing is dishonor’

‘What? And they actually allowed it?’

‘Pure blood is one class while impure blood is no class at all’

‘Out of all the thousands of men around, she ends up with him? A nobody?’

‘Shame shame’

‘And their children? What would they tell them?’

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  1. I apologize for the late updation but I have been going through a serious writer's block and TIME, well time never gave me an opportunity to overcome it till now..!!

    More chapters coming up soon :D

  2. this should be interesting one... i'm writing a similar thing in my "a Digital love story" though i'm sure it wont be anything like yours... :)

    good luck Rummz!!!

  3. yala rummz, we miss the excitement >.<, been monthes , keep it up :D

  4. Seems quite interesting :) Wish i could read on & on but I once i lay down to read i feel impatient

  5. Impatient is the feeling of a lot when they read this and I feel so bad for not updating frequently. Hope you can continue to read throughout ;)


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