Out..?! Huh?!

4:36 PM

So lately, I've been seeing an upcoming trend ongoing which is peeps who delete what once was their personal spaces, what once was part of their lives, what once they shared with the rest of the cyber world. Peeps deleting their blogs. 

It does come as a shocker to me as to why some would just delete everything they once wrote down; poems, stories and the likes. I understand if it has to do with personal family problems and what not, or that your anonymity is no longer valid and so on. But what about those who follow you or recently started following you? 

What's the point of having a blog if in the long run you are going to delete it. To stop posting is fine but to just erase all that was once there; all your posts, is something I cannot comprehend for the life of me. What do you guys think? Would you delete your blog once you decide to stop or for any other reason?! 

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and is in no way related or targeted to a particular person. 

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  1. well i guess its their choice, i wont do that , only if the blog is causing personal and unnecessary problems, at the end , they are all words from me and i can easily open another one and write all again

  2. Hi there, missed chatting with you. It's been real long since I last signed on ES.

    I agree with you on this, I'd say restrict access to your blog to your followers and block those who you're not comfortable with..anything but deleting the blog. It holds a lot of the progress you went through throughtout the years and to erase all of that is just...absurd!

  3. Well I dnt hv a blog, but f I did I wldnt delete any of my posts as it is part of my point views and reflect my intellectual. Deleting shows me that either u dont believe on what u wrote or u dont have the gut to continue expressing urself even whatever it is goes on in ur life be it family problem or work related. Somehow blogs gives u dat particular space where just you and ur mind interact and express dat on writing. So wld I deleted?? Simply No

  4. @ ck: personal choice or not. I still don't understand why they should delete all the contents of the blog itself. I mean some posts are irrelevant to personal problems and the likes.

    @Kitten: Missed you loads girl. You disappeared from the face of the Earth all of a sudden. And I agree with restricting rather than deleting.

  5. @ choloboy: You summed it up perfectly ;)And you should start a blog soon enough btw.


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