Smile you are caught on Radar ..!!

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This is an image from an Omani newspaper. Apparently these were the speed freaks that took on the new Muscat Expressway as their new racing hub. The Royal Oman Police (ROP) thought 'We'll teach these ignorants a lesson or two and publish their plates on every newspaper' I mean WTH?! Isn't there respect for privacy anymore?!  If there was a race track to begin with none of this would be happening and to top it off, it's an expressway and the speed limit is 120? Why call it an expressway to begin with?! 

Some might attack me and say the ROP are looking out for our safety and reducing accidents and what not. I understand that but isn't it better that it's on the always empty expressway than on the main road?! These radars and what not are just causing more problems to start with. People brake at the last minute and oh let's not forget those black market Radar detectors.  Speed junkies need an outlet and without providing one, they are just being pushed towards more recklessness. At the end there's a saying ' Kel mamnoo3 mar'3oob' 

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  1. rummy im with on this , expressway with 120 km? at least 140 :/ , i went to taht raod and its amazing for high speeds, radars wont stop people, if they are concerned in speeding , let them build us something..i wont care if my plate number was on the newspaper, it wont stop me doing wt i want

  2. I was scanning through the list to see if Vainglorious is among them ;p lol 140-160 is good for an expressway. we need a ring in K-TOWN a race track. I was actually texting Vainglorious on this yesterday, I wanted to try my car hitting a decent speed, but I can't coz the moment I'm flying, I have to hit the brakes as I'm approaching the traffic lights... its frustrating :/

    allah y7afth eljamee3 inshallah :)

  3. well..I don't think increase da speed upto 140 or 160 matters when it comes to speed limits. Even f da speed limit changed to 140 or 160 dat doesn't mean no offences will b made...motorists tend to exceed dat no matter, specially here in Oman. I couldn't agree more with u about providing speed junkies with race tracks...every other GCC country have @ least one, why dont we? As Omani doesn't give much pride dat we r one of the high rated nation with accident mortality in the world. ROP should start thinking not in punishment and rather looking for more welfare of the motorists particularly yeangsters

  4. 273 on a 120 road!! W.H.A.T

    I didn't even know camera's could capture cars that fast, I heard anything over 240, camera gets a delay of a few seconds. But maybe Oman speed camera's are more advanced.

    Doesn't this guy get to be on the Guinness, I'm considering contacting them.

    I don't see this as a breach of privacy at all actually, I mean, how many of those cars do you recognize? Let alone know who was driving? It's just the plate number, not the full name. If this will make guys driving while drinking an excessive amount of redbull more caution then so be it.

  5. @ck: here here I wholeheartedly agree..!!

    @Ambrosial: You should come and hit the Omani roads there are a bliss when it comes to road trips and the causal speeding and what not.

    @choloboy: Totally, I am not proud either that we hold one of the highest rates of car accidents in the world but the way we are tackling the issue is just utter wrong. We need a place to vent off.

    @Kuwaitiful: Muscat is a very small place and I can easily tell you who the owner and name of each plate is and the type of car it is. So it is breach of privacy big time especially if you are don't want to shed light to your family that you speed that much. And yes the speed cameras over here are a nightmare and very accurate. And by the way the 273km/h was achieved by a Rolls Royce. How do you think about that? ;) .

  6. You have a good point, didn't know Muscat was "that" tiny. I mean you'd have no idea who those were in Kuwait.

    I bet the Rolls Royce guy is proud as hell, and with his wasta, his not going to pay a dirham. (it's dirham right?)

  7. Well Muscat is tiny so to speak and everyone knows everyone or knows an acquaintance who knows someone. And hell yeah I am very positive that he is proud and that brings me to the point of if the owner has a Rolls Royce then I am quite sure that the no leniency pol;icy won't be applied as much..!!

    And it's Rials btw not Dirhams ;) .

  8. LOL that image looks like my last year's speed fines.

    I really don't get the 120 speed limit! That is just lame! You know in germany in the highway there is a lane that you cant drive on unless your minimum speed is 140!

  9. I know it's called the autobahn..!!

    120 is just stupid for an expressway.

  10. I dont think it stupid at all. It was set at 120 and look at how fast they and others who haven't been caught were going!

  11. did you even read what she wrote :b


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