Super Lover...?! No wait Super Dad..?! Nah he's a lover..!!

9:35 AM

RANDY Ramjeet Raghav has called a halt to his three-times-a-night sex life after becoming the world's oldest father - at the age of 94.
He said he would put his lovemaking with wife Shakuntala on hold as they focus on bringing up their new son Karamjit.
Ramjeet said: "I'm healthy and I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it's very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly.
"When she asks I will go on all night but for the sake of my child I've put our needs aside for now."
Shakuntala, in her 50s, said: "He doesn't seem old to me. He can make love like any 25-year-old man - even better because he can go on all night. And he's a wonderful father."
Ramjeet, who lives with his wife and son in a two-room hut, earns £12 a week digging fields for nine hours a day in Haryana, India.

Kiss... Ramjeet Raghav cuddles his son

But he added he hates work since becoming father to Karamjit - his first child. He said: "I still have to make money, so I've had to drag myself to the fields." 

Now Ramjeet wants more children. He said: "In six months time, we'll try for another wonderful son."
I read this and seriously had my jaw drop to the floor. Now wouldn't everyone wish to have such a relationship or more on the likes of having such a lover?!  Interesting, actually verrrry interesting :mj .

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  1. LOOOL ! interesting xD il try to beat his record :p

  2. sometimes i find this hard to believe...

    p.s can i have your email plz =)

  3. his....Still functioning @ 94?........

  4. LOOOL @ "He can make love like any 25 year old man" How does she know that?! Tsk tsk tsk and oh "Even better! He can go all night!" LOOL ;P Mashallah they make it see like "antibiotics" ;p That's what happens when u have a lot of free time! ;p

    allah yhanehum :D

  5. lol, really, umm i dont even know what to say

  6. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing? ;p

  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL wallah ildinya 3ajeeeba:e

  8. ^ lol eldenya 3ajeeba.. looks like someone just resumed hope in mankind.


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