What would you do?

11:28 AM

Yesterday evening was one of those lovely nights where I actually got to bond more with people who I call the closest to me. Two friends who are really gems in their own right. Taking a cruise down the famous 'Love Road' (which now most peeps call Death Road because of all the humps being placed there), the weather was just lovely and breezy; the perfect Omani winter night.  

We actually were in a conversation talking about the future when we all have kids and how our Eid visits to each of our houses would be like, what type of parents would we turn out to be and the likes. Basically we were having fun just cracking up to fun facts that would turn out to be true about each one of us; the parent version of us. Well, that was until... UNTIL one of us asked a question that made us think a million times, a question that actually got my tongue tied in a knot. I was simply in plain fear that if it happened I wouldn't actually know how to handle it. So the question was... 

What if your child comes out of the closet and confers to you that he or she is a homosexual? What would you do?! 

How would you react to such a revelation?! Would you oust and banish your child? Would you take him with open arms and an open heart & mind?! What would you really do?! 

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  1. that is something hard.. of course will disapprove and it wont be right coz of the religion and all, make them understand what they are getting into and the punishment that they will get and really try to knock some sense into them..

    aahh i donno.. allah la qaal this happens

  2. We too have a famous 'Love Street' in Kuwait. And it doesn't need humps to be called a death street, it's already one trust me.

    I'm not really sure what to make of a homo kid. Sadly I can't make fun him as his my son. I'd try not to force him into things against his will, but certain measures must be taken. Find a training camp that takes homo's and brings them back straight men or something.

  3. @ Standy: Exactly its really hard bes inshallah by bringing the kids right, in a happy home where everybody talks about everything, a parent might catch the signs and put it to a halt. I pray that none of our kids turn out this way.

    @ Kuwaitful: I only went to Kuwait for a conference so I am yet to see this Love Street :D . Training camp seems good, I actually suggested sending off the kid to military camp after explaining everything that is wrong and where you as a parent stand in this. That might put some sense into the kid.

  4. Hmm... thats a tough one. Let's see what would I do?
    I would probably explain to the kid the situation and what he/she will be facing, if they insist that its not some wild phase and this is who he/she really is, I will have to accept it. We can never force anyone to do anything against their will. I'm not gonna punish the kid coz at the end I'll end up being hated and my child will cut me out of his/her life the first chance that little brat will get. So no punishing, that's god's job not mine. I'm not gonna be happy with it but I'll support my kid no matter what

  5. @ Vainglorious: That's where I would find myself in a crossroad. I feel that I seriously can't just accept the lifestyle they have chose for themselves. It would just be so hard for me to comprehend on where did I go wrong for my son and daughter to turn out as such. It's something tough to accept.

  6. I see .. your sending your gay son to military. Where muscled handsome men gather together. His probably going to send you an envelope with a huge red heart a week after. Saying.

    "Thanks mom, this is exactly where I want to be"

  7. Ahahaha not really I had an image of a female officer disciplining the kid and making his life miserable and vice versa if it was my daughter. But as you said training camp is even way better =p


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