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10:10 AM

With Valentine's Day only a week away, America's favorite couple is thinking about reuniting -- or are they? Barbie and Ken, who split in 2004 after 43 years together, are possibly getting back together, according to posts on the dolls' social networking sites. 

The blond bombshell called it quits with her longtime beau in February 2004, and announced a new love in her life -- an Australian surfer named Blaine. It's not clear what's happened to Blaine -- maybe he was just too plastic -- but after seven years apart, Ken is trying to woo back his former flame. 

Ken, who has reinvented himself as the new "Sweet Talking Ken" doll -- soon to hit toy stores -- is tweeting that he thinks he and Barbie "are perfect for each other.""If you do too, vote YES for her to take me back," the Malibu hunk tweeted. 

For Barbie, however, an Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton-like comeback might not be so easy."@OfficialKen and I have had some fab times," she posted on her Twitter feed. "I just don't know what to do!" 

The public can weigh in on whether Barbie should "take Ken back" by voting on the website, where the love-o-meter currently points toward "Let Him Down Easy."

Hold up..!! They actually have twitter pages? So they actually tweet? ROFL. I was even more intrigued to see what they had more to say so I checked out their pages and boy did I have a laugh. Some peeps might believe that they are really just plastic human beings. Anyhoo, back to the main topic, what do you think should Barbie get back to Ken Carson or not? *holds her laughter* .

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  1. looooooool is this serious xD? haha , no i dnt think ken should get back to her, she dumped him once :p

  2. loool at "who split in 2004 after 43 years together" who would stay THAT LONG !!
    and the twitter thing is Epic XD

  3. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i just followed barbie:P


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