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Kuwaiti Expat Blogger Mark is being sued by Benihana's franchise representation in Kuwait for giving them a poor review on his popular Kuwait blog 248am 'I'm Being Sued by Benihana'

Would they sue a newspaper critic for a bad review? Or would they sue anyone who gives a bad review through the word of mouth? Unbelievable and so unprofessional from the management of Benihana - Kuwait. I mean a lot of peeps give bad reviews and many would easily get contacted asking the reason behind a sore experience and then fix it. But to file a law suit?! It's incredibly stooopid *shakes head* They just ruined their so-called reputation by exactly what they claimed the blogger did.

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  1. talk of being over dramatic , childish move xD

  2. ...I'm sorry, that is just... wow. Are they gonna retract it soon, or will they go ahead with the clown show?

  3. Nice post Rummy, and i really like the layout of the blog...:)
    The Benihana GM lost it completely and i think it's a matter of hours before they'll fire him. That shows how one person can ruin the image and work of an entire company; it'll take sometime before people will go and eat again there. Shame.

  4. i never tried and for sure not to:mj

  5. They are very childish and you can clearly see that they have self confidence issues. They have started a war and ruined their image

  6. Correction:

    "i never tried it! and sure i wont!"

  7. @cK: Drama Queen alert even though funny enough it's a friggin' dude who is a GM runing an image of a company as a whole.

    @Dazzling Mage: The trial is said to be on March 8th and you guessed it right they are continuing with the clown show

    @OCI: Thank you very much..!! I'm an avid follower of your blog as well. And I agree that he'd get fired soon enough.

    @Bint ilKuwait: I won't try it ever as well after this I think blogger would stick together and boycott it all together

    @ Vainglorious: They could have easily contacted him and ask the reason behind his negative feedback and try to make it better.


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