Black Sunday..!!

10:39 AM

Apparently the announcement of 50,000 jobs, unemployment allowance, Majlis El Shura reform and a cabinet reshuffling isn't enough, now the peeps are taking one step forward and are staging large protests at the Majlis El Shura headquarters in Muscat at 4pm as many have said. This is getting unbelievably stupid, you claimed you wanted reform, you got it by the same day. You asked for more jobs and got a decree on the same day. What more do you want? I so hate it when now people all around are labeling Omanis as tyrannized, wanting their leader to be ousted. This is not Tunisia nor Egypt and will never be Libya. Why oh why do you have to do this? Jeezzz, we even have our own Wikipedia page for crying out loud. We've always been a peaceful country, we've always known the value of our history and how through peace we managed to accomplish a lot. From Nasser bin Murshed to His Majesty, we've been the civilized well behaved country.  We've and we've and we've... * hyperventilates* I'd never finish... 

After this post, I choose to not post anything in regards to the idiocracy of my nation's people. I choose to turn a blind eye rather than getting my blood pressure rise to a historic high. I choose to live and pray that we remain safe and sound and that this is put to an end. And when I say idiocracy, I mean those who think that through tarnishing our reputation,  their demands and needs would be met. I am not generalizing to the whole lot who are as peaceful as we have always been. 

Disclaimer: This is my point of view and mine ONLY. It doesn't include anyone but myself and what I think about the issue. 

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  1. its never enough for them, stupidity at its best :/ really make su angry on how people react after everything is provided to them ! idiots !

  2. Allah ya7ith Oman min kil shar! like u said Oman always has been a peaceful country ..i am so sad of what's happening ..allah ehadi iljamee3 o ye9la7 umorhum..

  3. You're right.. ow ba3dain politics will only give you a headache :)

  4. i hate to see this in Oman or in any GCC country! we're all considered khaiji n what affects our neighbors affects us! what bothers them, bothers us! so it's really upsetting seeing this Oman, knowing as you said it's a peaceful country, so why now?
    allah ya7fe'6kom mn kel shar ya rab! o everything will stop asap!

  5. Thanks for your comments <3

    Allah ye7fedhna Jamee3an inshallah..!!


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