By-Catch maybe?!

10:56 AM

Now isn't this just heart breaking?! A dead dolphin was found at the beach in Athaibah yesterday. It's a male and my hunch says that he is of the Common Dolphins pod. A group of specialists from Muscat Municipality, Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and Oman Environment Society  headed to the site to study and analyse the cause of death. I think he was a victim of by catch that ended him being wounded and unable to surface to the top to breathe. 

A tooth was taken from the dolphin as well as a sample of its meat to determine his exact age and also if pollutants and toxins had anything to do with the matter. And being a marine pollution enthusiast, I just can't wait and hope that the results turn out negative or else there's some serious issues that need to be dealt with.  

RIP poor dolphin :( .

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  1. This is such a dreadful sight. I really hope it turns out negative, last thing anyone needs is to find out someone's killing dolphins for their fins.

  2. :/ in aithaiba? thats weird, hope its negative and just an accident from mother nature

  3. Umbaaaaaaaaaaaih!! la 7awla wela quwata ela bellaaaaa!!!! ;/ poor thing!! ;/


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