Error: You've Got The Case of The Saturday's ...

10:59 AM

The abrupt sounds of excavations blazes into my dreams
and turns to sirens of a new day.
I take a step out of bed
but the floor entraps my feet
and sends me hurling to the ground.
It's a wake up call from the skies above.
Hello, you've got a terminal case of the Saturday's.

This kinda reminds me of the movie Office Space. Anyone has a bad case of Saturday/ Sunday/ Monday Blues as I do today?! 

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  1. I don't get any Blues.. all my days are red. Since Saturday is holiday in Kuwait, it's pretty much me hugging my pillow.

  2. Does that include knowing on friday that you have to wake on saturday for a crappy long day? :p

  3. @Kuwatifiul: Sunday BLues on the way? :p .

    @cK: Well once I get to hug my pillow and continue my sleep I'll be :p .

    @Redirection: Yes that is included :( .


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