Le Cadeau Parfait...

9:50 AM

First of all, my apologies for not being around the blogosphere much but I tell ya work is taking its toll on me. I have been covering the Muscat Festival 2011 for the radio and it leaves me dead by the end of the evening that all I want to do is just cuddle my teddy bears and sleep. Of course, I'll try my best to update especially since the Muscat Festival this year around has loads and loads of things in store. 

Anyhoo, in continuation with my previous post about Walmart's new 8 year old anti-ageing make-up line , I thought I'd just share a Vogue Paris December issue of last year. There's a photo-shoot included where the idea was to go get children models, slap and smear make-up all on their faces, style them is skimpy outfits and poofy hair and showcase it, basically vamp up six-year olds. I found it very disturbing and it got me upset to think that peeps rally against child pornography but then such pictures are on public display and are supposed to be deemed suitable and appropriate. Don't you just find the below pictures causing an uproar in your veins? 

On a bed? Seriously? And people wonder why pedophilia actually is on the rise. Le cadeau parfait, isn't it?. 

* Le Cadeau Parfait means The Perfect Gift in French. 

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  1. You know, it would have been cool if it was a statement, but as an actual marketing campaign? That is disturbing. Everything in life has it's time, and they're basically destroying the childhood phase.

  2. Statement is pretty awesome if it were that is. But it's actually the contrary and it really is killing the innocence out of children

  3. this is just absurd :/, why would anyone use children in the first place

  4. That's like a paedophilia-magnet.

    Poor girls, I bet they have no idea what their parents signed them up for.

  5. woh.. at 12? she already looks self-centered and ego filled. This is n.o.t what kids are suppose to look like nor dwell in.

  6. 9ar shakilha akbar mini!!:S a9lan shlon ahlha ritholha expose herself bil asaaaas!! Allah ehadehum bes!

  7. Totally agree with you rummy...It is a Legalized child pornography.

    They wonder why they have loads of sex offenders??!!! that's why.

  8. Eeeeeeeeehh! At first I didn't realize it was a little girl! That's insane, what is the world coming and i'm seriously starting to worry -.-


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