Maendeleo Ya Wanawake

9:11 AM

A 41-year-old Omani woman has been taken into custody by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) on charges of depositing forged 50 Omani riyal currency notes through an automated deposit machine of a commercial bank.

The Economic Branch of Criminal Investigation Department (EB CID) was informed by a commercial bank that fake notes of 50 riyal denomination were deposited through their automated machine. "The EB CID team swung into action and kept a close watch before catching the suspect red handed when she was trying to deposit fake notes again at a different machine in Muscat," A spokesperson for the ROP said.

On interrogation, the suspect confessed to have made similar fake note deposits twice before.
The EB CID team also discovered counterfeit notes from her vehicle. Her house was raided and more fake notes and machine to make counterfeit currencies was also found by the police.
The accused woman has been referred to prosecutors for investigation before the case is submitted to a competent court in the country.

The law in Oman has provision of five to 15 years imprisonment for those convicted for dealing or making counterfeit currency.

One step at a time they say and this time Omani women went BIG..!! :p . Isn't this just stupid?! Why oh why would you go into fraud when you can live a decent life? 

P.S: I apologize for the long absence which seems to have been like forever. But the assembly was hectic on it's own so couldn't really free myself to post anything. Though I assure you that I'm back until something else manages to drown me and take me away from my dear scribblings. 

P.S.S: The title is in Swahili which strictly means 'The Development of Women'. The word is usually used by Swahili men in a sarcastic manner whenever they get astounded by what women have done or accomplished.

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  1. wow , thats big alright xD ; she couldv easily used the money outside , no one would known the difference .. machines at her house? ti6awarana xD

  2. I was waiting for someone to do that! xD She sucks what an idiot -.-

  3. I remember a company I worked for had their messenger deposit money at the bank. He was almost arrested as one of the notes was fake. But it was from a customer. They made a huge fuss about it and a full investigation took place.

    Governments take money forging very very seriously. Because it could literally cause inflation.

  4. P.S Welcome back

    P.S.S Goto|en|maendeleo%20ya%20wanawake then click on "Listen" for the Swahili, that sounded awesome.

  5. @cK: Thought about it the same way. Seriously she got on my nerves.

    @Redirection: Well there you go, someone did a poo poo and it's big one I must say :p .

    @Kuwaitiful: Hahaha awesome indeed even though the last word is pronounced differently with they 'E' not being silent for that matter. And yes governments take it very seriously.

  6. helllllo welcome back, miss ya so much....
    she's sooooooo stupid, but it's kinda of weird accident... how can she be so stupid though she can counterfeit money?????

  7. @Amase: Thanks =D, Yeah it's a very idiotic move.

  8. no wonder i couldnt put 50 rials note in the CDM a week ago..

    stupid but gotta admit its creative as she didnt go to the bank staright and she managed to make the machine think its real money!!

  9. lool.. counldnt read the titke till you explained it lool.. funny walah..


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