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I have been asked this question by so many of my international friends and I keep holding back and think hard of what to answer it by. I am for sure, as many know me, darn proud and super honored to be an Omani and I know for a fact that I might be one of the very many patriotic children who grew up at times when we heard the stories of how our families were scattered all over the world before the 70s. We grew up with family members coming together but when they spoke they all had different accents, they all had different backgrounds and led very unfamiliar childhood lives. And when they came together as one back again, no one was more ecstatic than being given a second chance of being a family. I can see it in the older generations' eyes, their contempt, their happiness and even more their gratitude the reunion they once thought would never happen. They were re-united once again under the flagship of one country, under the wise leadership of a man. A man who we all grew up to see as a father figure. A man we grew up to call Baba Qaboos no matter how old we are getting to be. It didn't matter that some of us already hit or are hitting their 40s but they still choose to call him that rather than His Majesty. We would forever cheer and whistle and scream in awe every time his name was mentioned or picture was displayed. For we are the sons and daughters, the ones who carry the name on our backs.We are patriotic, we love this country, we would give our hearts and soul for this soil, but 'does it give you hope?'

A question I get asked lately. Throughout these 40 years I have read, seen and been part of the future. So what hope would it give me if I already have hope that things are going to be better. But then a question startled me when an Egyptian friend asked me 'What would you mostly wish to see gone?'. There she said it, a question that would make any person yap and yap unendingly but I stayed silent. After her urging for an answer, I replied with one word, and one word only 'Wasta'.

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  1. Wasta isn't going, in arab countries thaht's how the rich stay rich, everyone is well connected and I admit I have used it at a point in my life...

    But good news is, that wasta is going and you should notice that with the increase in private sectors ^^ The minor wastas dont bother me too much, but there are large scale ones in which people just benefit too much from it and because of them they take someones place... That's unfair use of wasta but to use it to finish a paper work quickly that's everywhere isn't it? But yes I agree with you ;(

  2. mostly to me is corruption, coz it triggers everything , including wa96a , the big ones that make a huge deal anda re unfair
    its not a perfect world after all and we are much better than other countries :D

  3. nice post...
    When i first read it, i felt that i'm so proud to be Omani el7amulldah...
    what u mean by ur question: 'does it give you hope?'????? :brow

  4. @Redirection: finishing off paperwork as well is wasta which I wish it could go away. We need efficient people to begin with because in the end if a person was hired as per their activity and qualifications, such paperwork wouldn't have taken long to begin with.

    @cK: Corruption begins with wasta my dear not the other way around. For example: You agree to pass a student because he is the son of so and so which leads to even more and more wasta coming in that would lead to bribes and voila corruption is born.

    @Amase: 'Does it give you hope' was a question I got asked by many people. The whole purpose behind it is do these events happening in the Arab world; Tunisia, Egypt and so on give hope that things will change in Oman? Hope it's clearer.

  5. GCC = Wasta

    It helps keep like unfair and unjust. Those who use it don't really care who suffers as a result from it, but rather who's taking advantage of it.

    It's that one thing thats stopping us from progressing. We have the brains, capital, location yet zero motivation. Why? Well why should I work.. when I can just call my uncle for instant wasta

    *promotion in less than 24 hours* Well job well done!


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