Shame on You

11:12 AM

The authorities in Oman say they have uncovered a network of spies working for the United Arab Emirates, according to the state news agency.

We have all heard about this and boy oh boy was it news these past few days when everyone gave out their own conspiracy theories. 

One thing I know that seriously worried me was the question 'why oh why would you do this?' And to top it off, to a country who never had but good relations with you? Funny thing is, now the 'It wasn't me' defense card is being played saying they were shocked and surprised about the news. WTH? How would you be surprised if the arrest happened months ago since we have been talking about this since God knows when. 

People say it's all about knowing who's going to succeed after the Sultan as in buying him out and making him a strong UAE ally? I don't know really but the moment I read about this, my heart sunk so deep into grief and worry since it just hit me that Baba Qaboos won't live forever. Suddenly fast forward images started haunting me of how would it be when he is no longer amongst us. Ista'3ferellah, I don't even want to think about that. 

Allah ye7fedhek w ye5alleek lena inshallah, ya a3az w awfa ab <3 

More about the news: Click Me, Me & Me 

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  1. yea this was on for monthes but they made an offical statement yesterday in the newspaper, i guess uae didnt expect oman to go public with it

    if it was another country it would be kinda understandable, but the uae? heck their origins are from oman from the first place ;/

  2. Allah ya7fith deratkum min kil makroooh inshallah o ya7fith kil deeera eslamya min kil shar ameeeen

  3. @cK: Well UAE am sure expected it but now it seems like it's an internal dispute between KBZ & MBZ

    @Bint ilKuwait: Ameen ya rab..!! Allah yesma3 mennek.

  4. It's very shameful, i heard about it from friend in Oman a while ago but didn't think it was true but now when they officially announced I was disappointed

    allah ya7fith deeratkm wi5aleelkm il sultan inshala o ewafigkm


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