Two Dead ...?!

5:09 PM

Omani police fired rubber bullets on stone-throwing protesters demanding political reform in an industrial town on Sunday, killing two people, and the military moved in to secure the area.
It is said that at least 1,000 protesters in Sohar's roundabout before police tried to disperse them first with tear gas and batons before firing on them with rubber bullets. 
After the clashes in Sohar, police pulled back from the protest and the crowd, some of whom were carrying petrol and matches, was making its way to a police station.

Seriously? Seriously?! 

Protests in Muscat, Salalah, Sur and now Sohar. This is worrying me. What's even worse that this one in Sohar is turning to be a violent one. What would you benefit by destroying property that is for the people when you cry foul play and corruption in the government, beats the hell out of me. What do you get out of ruining things?! :@ . Now for instance, the pic above, what good did you come out of it after tarnishing what is deemed to be a national landmark of Sohar? Stupid, stupid stupid...!!

Allah Yester bes..!!

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  1. so saaad to here that... i'm still under the shock, is this happening in Oman??? oh God oh God

  2. oh god it's true
    i heard the news via twitter but i didn't realize it's that big

    presidents need to understand ppl are no longer stupid and media is reachable to everyone

  3. @Amase: I'm in shock myself. I never pictured us going all violent and egg-headed.

    @samaher: In Oman it's not about a president, we have a Sultan which we all love. I'm just shocked that instead of being civlized and studying the situation first, people just opt to imitate what others in other countries have done.

  4. I was very disappointed with these actions, the thing is this could erupt a civil war in the country, there are lots of who love the way things there and some do not... If things get really really escalated we're looking a civil war for sure...

  5. This is getting absurd, sohar and now reports say shinas are gathering protesters adn breaking the palce apart, thats so animalistic way to express the way they want to be heard


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