By-Catch maybe?! : An Update...

9:36 AM

Remember the dead whale that was discovered? You can read it here

Well I've got an update for you. Turns out the reason for its death is of a natural cause; ageing. Basically his time came and he passed away. The bleeding as you can see from the pictures actually occurred postmortem, the body was actually caught up in a storm causing it to be battered really badly, it was literally tossed up all over until it found its way to the shore. The whale was around 45-50 years old. 

I was very much relieved to know that it was of a natural death and no other factors got to play a role in it. At least there is hope out there that what we do to the waters and seas at times don't intervene with what fate has in its hands. 

P.S: A very big thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday. It means a lot *group hug*

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  1. im glad it wasnt a by-catch :D ! may he/she RIP :p

  2. Well that's good to hear.. though if all whales that died rolled off shore than you'd be expecting some daily.

  3. Actually around 20 more less whales beach (die) every year. So it's not something of a daily thing that could happen.


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