Charity = No Audits

4:09 PM

During the weekend, a group of women came knocking on our door asking us to donate for charity and kept on stressing that whatever we would be giving out would be for the benefit of the orphans. As I rushed to get my wallet, since orphans are really close to my heart and I do grow fond of whoever supports their cause in making their lives comfortable, my mom ordered me to stop. She claimed that it was a bunch of nonsense and in the end the people in charge just use up the money for their sake while only a tiny fraction goes out to help those in need. I got astounded by my mother's accusations and told her that in the end what matters is your intention. But she continued arguing that she doesn't care much about her intention as much as she cares about where the money goes. She cares about what difference her few rials would make, not in someone's wallet size but more in the eyes of those you pay to see happy. Out of sheer embarrassment since we were loud and those at the door were eavesdropping, I just gave out old toys to the women who came and closed the door behind me. 

All the while thinking that your pure intention is what matters. Then I asked a question which made my mom laugh: 'Mom, aren't there audits conducted here?'. Her laugh and amusement was enough for me to know that such a thing doesn't exist, which is surprising in its own right and made everything my mom said make sense; 'I'd rather find someone who is needy so I could get that self satisfaction than giving it to someone whom might not even use it for that person's sake'

How come Charity Organizations in Oman arent audited?! Don't I as a contributor have the right to know where my contribution is going and how it is distributed among the unfortunate ones in Oman? What about you? Do you trust such organizations to make use of your donations or do you go about finding the needy yourself and help in person?

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  1. your mother is smart - they should have had an ID . In any case there are plenty of collecting boxes at supermarkets (many of which are not emptied often enough)

  2. Well they did show all the documentations needed and even a written letter stating that they are collectors and all.

  3. I helped out with a lot of charity work in my life, in UK and in Oman, I played a concert for Orphans once, also held a "Orphans day out" kinda thing... It was more of give 'em a good time than money. I think the money does go to the Orphans whether it's audited or not... But I hardly believe that charity workers come and knock on your door unless it's a scam...?

    All in all, your intentions were to help but what use will they be if they don't actually reach them. It will give you the satisfaction but not the kids ;) Maybe this charity issue should be discussed more throughly to see what exactly happens, because in Oman, I noticed lots of people help out with charities so there has to be some kinda management to it all.


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