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Today as I reached home, I got greeted with bunch of my tiny cousins at the door running to hug me. They all were there since my aunts were home visiting mom. She suffered a sudden Penicillin allergic reaction after one stupid doctor decided to ignore what we actually told him before he administered the medication to her. 7amdillah she's all fine now. Phew.

Anyhoo, as I was sitting for lunch with them, one of my three and a half year old cousins nagged me to feed him. Of course, I agreed since feeding actually meant making tiny balls of rice out of the qabooli plate served for them and popping them in his mouth for him to catch. As we finished with our lunch, the little munchkin kept on following me around and helping out with the dishes - now isn't he just adorable - . Then he suddenly asked me a question, 

'Rummy? When can I be fwee?' 
'7abibi, you are three'
'No Rummy. When can I be FWEE'
'But you are three. THREE and a HALF' 
'No fwee like Egypt'
'Errrmm...' I went speechless and changed the subject to 'Hun, do you want Peaches?'

Now what on Earth are they teaching them in kindergarten? Watching a lot of TV much?!  

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  1. Really? Wow, i'd be shocked if something like that happened to me... Well, we cant really understand the world these days! So what ever happens let's hope its okay

  2. looool.. he is so cuuttee lool


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