Impressive but would it work?

10:28 AM

As much as there is awfully disturbing and heightened blood pressure levels in the Arab World that makes you lose hope that anything is ever going to settle. I still have hope that one day and I mean soon we would all be together and standing united hand in hand as one tight unit, that day might be the World Cup 2022 in Qatar or even sooner inshallah. 

Of course we all know that the event is going to be held in the summer and remarkable efforts have been put out to ensure that our brothers and neighbors, Qatar, are able to pull it off especially after snatching the opportunity from the US. Big plans to combat the heat are in place, one being a solar powered shade that is going to be propelled up to the sky to provide proper shading from the scorching sun. The shade is remote controlled and would be hovering around above the stadium to give out a cooling effect. 

Another proposed plan is to design artificial clouds to cool the stadiums and audiences all around. One thing I worry about is the rather increased humidity this idea might cause. I hope they can manage to keep the humidity saturation low though I wonder how they'd be able to do so. The estimated cost is around half a million dollars per pop. These ideas somewhat reminds me of the Simpsons episode when Mr. Burns had a gigantic sun blocker in place to cover the sun, hence the reason I put the first picture. 

Do you think these proposed systems would work? 

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  1. yea interesting stuff xD i guess they can and will pull it off , inshallah but offcourse the US gona pick on every single detail if anything goes wrong


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