Thick or thin?!

12:51 PM

'Rummy ya5i you seriously need to get them fixed' 
'I don't friggin' want to. What's up with you?' 
'It's so' *long pause* 'UNCLEAN' 
'Excuse me?' 
'I'm telling you this as a friend, for crying out loud get them fixed, or no guy would ever want you. Puh- Lease..!!' 
'And what happened to personality and intellect? Hell NO. It's not my problem if you don't like them'
'It is, if those two are the main reason you can't get hitched. Please tell me you'll do them on your wedding then? You know men don't like them that way. It should be subtle, fine, thin and just pure lovely'
'No way, I rock the way I am and like them they way they are'

My friend gets a heat flash and faints from shock. 

Lately, a new trend is being set which is those of thick eyebrows especially in the New York and London Fashion Week. Prada did it, so did Narciso Rodriguez and Alberta Ferretti to name a few. I for one, felt content and glad that I finally am not amongst the group who are labelled backward and have zero sense of what 'Cleanliness' means. My heavy streaks of fine unplucked hair bordering the top of my eyes would finally be acceptable and a make-up artist wouldn't have a heart attack nor the urge to fix them up. Looking at how I can actually rock my signature eyebrows makes me feel at ease. 

I always wondered though, do men really give a damn if our eyebrows are thick or thin? Girls, do you like them thin or thick? 

*P.S: When I mean thick it includes those who never plucked a day in their lives as well. 

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  1. Yes, all men have preferences towards what woman they like. The new tattoo eyebrows is purely disgusting, I never understood why a woman would shave her eyebrows off and draw one instead, plus most end up looking like(mind me) prostitutes.

    Now most men like thin eyebrows, but not the super thin ones, more like moderate thin. As for thick, I don't know why but I see it as class, plus you look unique since woman rarely leave their eyebrows alone. But never unplucking is a big no no in a mans dictionary(yes I read that part, stop hiding behind the sofa).

  2. I don't care about your eyebrows...only about your blue hair. As long as you have blue hair I'll follow your blog...;)

  3. Hala,
    Kithak abash :)

    I don't get what the big deal is about plucking the eyebrows,God created me this way and I'm happy and content about it and should ba thankful. Others are born without eyebrows!!

    Plus the Sunnah specificaly said not to do it and yet we ignore and pretend tht we don't know about it.

    Plus i'm not in the mood to go through the hassle of plucking it and making sure its perfect on a weekly basis, I've got more important things to do!

    plus why should I risk plucking my eyebrows on my wedding day for the first time ever in my life, what if I don't like it? there's no turning back now and the pictures will last forever!!

    Trust me guys dont care about your eyebrows, except for shallow guys who just go after the looks. When they chose you as the one to share the rest of your lives together, he didn't choose you because you got beautiful eyebrows, he chose you as a person who thinks and is capable to be there for him no matter what.

    Those are just superficial things that women themselves make a big deal out of it for nothing.

    Sorry it's a long comment, but that subject irritates the hell outta me.

  4. thick baby THICK! always been, always WILL :D

  5. @Kuwaitiful: Then I must be one classy lady :p. Thanks for clearing up thatm ost men actually admire thin to thick.

    @OCI: I think I'll go for Red now haha

    @The Sister!: Now that is one long post. And I agree with you to the last letter. Thanks for stopping by ;)

    @swera: Wohoo thick FTW..!!

  6. natural all the way , thin or thick that are fake are a total NO

  7. the perfect for your face is what guys will love on you
    i have medium think eyebrows no one of my male friends told me to get them thin
    find what suits you the best and don't do the evil devil shapes :S

  8. @cK: How could thick be fake? Unless you mean the stupid tattoos ongoing now.

    @samaher: Thick all the way, I don't think I'd ever change or opt for thinner ones.

  9. Whatever looks nice on u.. I mean if ur happy with them, then stick to them. Bring Brooke Shield back baby! ;p

    I personally like'em thick in a clean kind of way.. :)

  10. To be honest I care about my eyebrows and everything. Many people told me that my eyebrows don't need to be fixed at all. I listened to them and I think they were right, but I couldn't resist using the eyebrows tweezers last year. I think I know what I need to look better, and I'm more satisfied now.

  11. Omg, I can totally relate to this! So okay I've got thick eyebrows; haven't ever plucked them, except for a few weeks ago and only the upper part way upper part of the eyebrow; like middle forehead. I totally agree w/ your stance though, on leaving it thick. I've had some tell me why I won't ever pluck 'em but whatever, they don't suit me all plucked even.

    Appreciate the post!

  12. Great, so ppl with thick eyebrows like mine do exist =p
    I'm so contented with my thick eyebrows, I've never plucked them in my life & I don't think I ever will. I like them they way god created them =D
    when u keep it natural, you'll always look beautiful

  13. thick or thin??? for me it doesn't really matter as long as they look natural and suits ur face... for me, they have to look clean, cleeeeeeeean either if they are thick or thin, i care a lot abt my eyebrows... every week i make sure that they are clean and beautiful. Men don't care abt eyebrows, but they care abt ur look in general and eyebrows really can make different, believe it or not a small tiny change in ur eyebrows can reflect in ur look and could change ur face features completely...

  14. loool.. that is one thing i refused to do,, i never touched my eyebrows and i just love the way they look =)

    some people actually look better with thick eyebrows than thin ones!! but who can tell them htat.. they will just say that yiou are jeloase from them lool


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