9:53 AM

Three people are waiting for me in a room that contains a sink and a green faded bed. He pulls out a brown paper folder with a familiar number written across it laying perfectly in the bottom middle of the file. I notice the contents are me, separated into 36 individual pages held together by a bent paper clip. 

I am an example for two of the three to study, but I am not a textbook case. This causes them to fall silent, while he reads out my history, my dirty little secret I have kept hidden, from forehead to foot. "Your platelet count is unexpectedly shocking" he says, and I am suddenly reminded of the horror of those 15 past years followed by a sharp white ice cutting right through my veins.

The others become uncomfortable, so I smile to show that I am OK. This must be hard for them too, I remind myself. But inside I feel my stomach is tied in knots like a shoe that has been done up too tight. It cuts off my blood supply for a second until I gasp for air. I fall nervous and shake not knowing what the outcome would be. 

Then, a smile draws upon his face. His stethoscope was pulled out around his neck as he got up facing me. 'Please don't make it be a cheesy grin to ease up the blow' I pray deep down my soul. He feels that I am agitated not knowing what to expect when he patted me on the back as he knelt down looking into my eyes. 'Rummy, you are in remission' he says and I am bewildered from the shock.

Alf al7amdillah :L :L 
P.S: It's not cancer as many of you may think. I have gone into ITP remission. ITP is an autoimmune platelet disorder which you can read more about here.  

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  1. glad today it reached over 100k+ xD u surpassed me :p ! inshallah doom

  2. remission from what? u had cancer?!

    in any case alf alf alf el7mdellla 3ala salamtech 7abeeebty :****

  3. @swera: Not it's not cancer but rather a platelet disorder named ITP. IT's an autoimmune disease where my body fights my platelets hence I actually throughout the years have almost little to none clotting factors.

  4. Salamaat Rummy. Ma tshofeen shar.

  5. ooopppsss i feel stupid now . . . so sorry for this misunderstanding, b3eed eshar 3annech o allah yarzegech e9e77a wel 3afia nshallah ya rb :*

  6. Thanks to Amase, cKz, swera and Kitten for their wishes. It means a lot ;)

    @swera: Ameen ya rab and nah you shouldn't feel stupid ;)

  7. al7amdulliah for your salamah =p


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